Proof-of-Concept: Hospital Call Center App with C# and Web API

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In this project, a team of Keyhole Software consultants worked with the client’s IT team to develop a proof-of-concept for a hospital’s Call Center. The proof-of-concept was for an application that displayed a list of the Call Center’s patient calls. The application interfaced with the client’s business process management (BPM) service to allow the user to search from a list of available calls, choose a patient to call, indicate the call has started, and then complete the call with some information.

Modernization: To Vue.js + Node.js with AWS

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Project Overview A team of four Keyhole Software consultants worked to modernize an existing 15-year-old legacy application to use modern technologies and support multi-tenancy. The client is a global B2B payments and credit solutions provider. Technology Overview The front-end for this project was written using Vue.js and hosted on AWS using S3 and CloudFront. On the backend, the team worked …

Development: React Capital Planning Mobile App with Spring Boot

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Project Overview Under an aggressive 6-week deadline, a four-person Keyhole Software Consulting team was charged with delivering functionality to the first phase of a capital asset planning application for an international engineering consulting firm. Deliverables included ensuring all UI controls displayed properly on mobile devices, application functionality in offline mode, and seamless integration with the working application. Technology Overview The …

Case Study: Northwell Health Enhanced Patient Care

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Client Northwell Health (formerly North Shore-LIJ) is one of the largest integrated health systems on the East Coast. With more than 63,500 employees, Northwell Health is the largest private employer in New York State with a service area encompassing more than eight million people throughout the New York metropolitan area. Project Objectives Over Time Northwell Health has leveraged the strengths …

Case Study: Dental Solution For Remote Care

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Project Objective The client wanted to rewrite a healthcare solution that allowed users to connect with a dentist remotely at any time. While the application did exist, its features were non-functional and it used outdated technologies. The client requested a Minimum Viable Product with the hope to add additional features once funding was later secured. Client The client is a …