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Topic: Improving JEE Software Agility and Quality with Practical Application of Open Source Frameworks and Life Cycle Software

This overview intends to demonstrate paradigms for making JEE a more agile development platform. Many know how to make it work, but we will focus on some of the latest techniques, design patterns, and frameworks that will allow developers to focus on the real task; solving business problems with high quality software.

This convention over configuration approach will include topics such as:

  • JEE Architecture paradigms
  • Annotation-based configuration (including Spring/Hibernate examples)
  • AOP
  • Maven
  • Continuous Integration
  • If interested, please contact David Pitt at


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Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm with a remarkable team. Specializing in Java and .NET technologies, we are experts in application solutions and services such as Custom Software and Application Development (full SDLC), Mobile Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancement, and Technical Mentoring. With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago, we excel in helping companies adopt the best software practices and techniques for success.


David Pitt
Managing Partner, Keyhole Software

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