Keyhole Software Holiday Party

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The Keyhole Software Holiday Party was a hit!

As you probably know, the Keyhole team is geographically spread out. From this event, you never would have guessed. Members of our teams from Kansas City, Saint Louis, Jefferson City, and Chicago joined us at the Brio Tuscan Grill on the Country Club Plaza on January 7, 2012 to celebrate the end of a successful 2011.

Considering that the number of members on the Keyhole team has doubled since the 2010 Holiday party, this event was a mix of old faces, new faces and everything in between. And to the surprise of the entire team, Managing Partners Chris DeSalvo and David Pitt surprised every employee with a Kindle Fire in thanks for their hard work and dedication in 2011.

A big thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate, and to Chris and David for organizing this event.

Now, a few pictures:

David Pitt, Lauren Fournier, and Chris DeSalvo just following the gift-giving portion of the evening.

Keyhole Employees pictured include Chris DeSalvo, David Pitt, Dean Enslinger, Keith Shakib, and Dan Bock.

Keyhole employees pictured include Lauren Fournier, Adi Rosenblum, and Judy Jacobs.

Keyhole employees pictured include Josh McKinzie, John Boardman, Mark Fricke, and Jaime Niswonger.

Keyhole Employees pictured include Jonny Hackett, Luke Patterson, Chris DeSalvo, David Pitt, and Jarrod Eyler.

Keyhole employees pictured include Adrienne Gessler, David Kieras, Brad Flood, Robert Rice, and Brad Mongar

Thank you to everyone who came out for the celebration, and to those who make Keyhole a wonderful place to work.  Happy 2012!

–Lauren Fournier,

(Author’s note: +1s, wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends are not named in these photos due to privacy concerns. If you would like to be added or removed, please email

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