Keyhole Software Releases Open Source khsSherpa Framework

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The Keyhole team is proud to announce the release of the khsSherpa framework, a JSON Endpoint Open Source Framework for Mobile and HTML5 Support. This framework is now publicly available on gitHub, and version 1.1 is available in the Maven Public Central Repository.

Technical Description: khsSherpa is a lightweight framework that enables remote Java classes resident in a JEE WAR component accessed via HTTP. The intent of the khsSherpa framework is to invoke service side Java classes and execute methods that are members of this endpoint. Member method execution can accept parameters via an HTTP request or return object values serialized as JSON objects. The framework utilizes the Jackson JSON framework to serialize result objects. Features of the framework include annotation-based configuration, authentication, session support, pluggable user activity logging, and the ability to work with any JEE Application Server.

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The Keyhole Software team is a proponent of the benefits of open source software. We often encourage our clients to consider open source solutions as a cost-effective, equal-quality alternative to proprietary software. Our team members frequently contribute to open source projects, as well as commit our own projects to open source repositories like gitHub.

“We are happy to have created khsSherpa,” Project Lead David Pitt said, “and we hope other developers will find this framework useful.”

Visit the official Keyhole Software blog for more details on this framework here.


About Keyhole Software

Keyhole Software is a “boutique” software development and consulting firm with a remarkable team. Specializing in Java and .NET technologies, we are experts in application solutions and services such as Custom Software and Application Development (full SDLC), Mobile Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancement, and Technical Mentoring. With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago, we excel in helping companies adopt the best software practices and techniques for success.

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David Pitt
Managing Partner, Keyhole Software
[email protected]

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