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If you’ve been developing enterprise web applications, it’s likely that you have applied JavaScript in some fashion – probably to validate user input with a JavaScript function that validates a form control, manipulate an HTML document object model (DOM) for a user interface effect, or even to use AJAX to access the server to eliminate a page refresh.

Single Page Application architectures allow rich, responsive user interfaces to be developed. There are many frameworks and approaches available, excluding plug-in technologies, that are JavaScript-based. This means that developers need a deeper understanding of JavaScript language features to fully take advantage of SPA.

This tutorial assumes you have programming experience in a traditional object oriented language like Java or C#, and introduces features of JavaScript that allow it to be a general purpose programming language. You may be surprised by its expressiveness and object oriented capabilities.

This tutorial covers:

  • JavaScript execution environment
  • The structure of the JavaScript language
  • The importance of Objects
  • Prototypes and Inheritance
  • Functions and Closures
  • AJAX

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