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Keyhole Software’s open source framework khs-Logger is now available from Bower.

khs-logger is a JavaScript logging framework and visual tool to help identify MVC UI views. It allows you to quickly identify and inspect JavaScript files during development as well as provides logging support.

Bower is an unopinionated, generic package manager for the web platform that aims to help with front-end package management.

The khs-logger framework solves both of these problems:

  • When building an application with heavy usage, logging can provide useful troubleshooting and performance diagnostics. It can also provide a way to intercept Log expressions for other purposes, such as sending error Log statements to a remote URL.
  • When developing a large JavaScript-based web application using Backbone.js, it’s difficult to manage the numerous View.js and Template.js files. Trying to determine which View and Template is responsible for a particular UI area is confusing. This inspector library outlines a UI View/Template boundary on mouseover. When the area is double-clicked, it displays the View/Template name and optional model (JSON) for the View element.

You can install this framework using Bower with the package name khs-logger. It is available on Github here.

khs-logger was created by Keyhole Software. More details regarding this framework & its uses can be viewed here.


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