Keyhole Software Enters Battle of the Brands Qualifying Round

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Show your support for the Keyhole Software team by granting us your vote in the 2014 Battle of the Brands qualifying round!

First launched in March 2012, KCSourceLink‘s Battle of the Brands creates a friendly, bracket-style competition between local startups, small businesses, and big brands for the title of Kansas City’s Battle of the Brand Champion.

Battle of the Brands is divided into four categories for different kinds of entrepreneurs and business – Tech/Innovation-Led, Microenterprise, Bricks and Mortar, and Established and Growing.

So, How’s It Work?

We’re now in the qualifying round for the bracket-style competition. Vote for your favorite brands in each category until 4 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 21. Keyhole Software is in the Tech/Innovation-Led category.

Once the voting closes, the 16 businesses in each category with the most votes will advance to the battle. On March 3, KCSourceLink will clean the slate, announce the brackets, and start the Battle of the Brands.

Vote for the Keyhole Software team here: (Just one vote per IP address.)


About Keyhole Software:

Keyhole Software is a Midwest-based software development and consulting firm. Experts in application development, customization, and the integration of enterprise-level solutions, Keyhole was founded on the principle of delivering quality through a talented technical team. Kansas City – St. Louis – Chicago.


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Marketing Manager, Keyhole Software
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