Keyhole Releases Demo Version of GrokOla

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The Keyhole Software team is excited to announce the release of a demo version of its GrokOla software.

This demonstration of the application functionality and features is available to the public, and allows individuals to “try out” the GrokOla platform and see how it works.

To register, visit this link. For validation purposes, you will need to enter in your email address, and a link to set your personal password will be sent to you.

What’s GrokOla?

GrokOla is a web-based tool for development teams that supports ‘Tribal Knowledge’ transfer and retention through a Q&A-driven wiki software platform. As it’s web-based, users can create and share mockups and wiki content with their team from anywhere.

GrokOla was developed by Keyhole Labs, a division of Keyhole Software. GrokOla is available free of charge to all current Keyhole Software enterprise clients, and to other development teams for $199 per month. For more information, visit

Main Features

Code-Sensitive WikiGrokOla provides a centralized wiki for the ‘Tribal Knowledge’ needed by your team. Code solutions are documented using simple markdown syntax and language-sensitive editors.

MockOla Users develop wireframe mockups of application user interfaces using a simple drag-and-drop component editor.

Ask Questions to Experts – Users ask detailed development questions to subject matter experts (GrokStars) and receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

Educational Resources – Educational resources from the Keyhole team are added and updated daily, to include self-paced technology courses, language and tool primers (like Backbone.js, Siege, Spring, JavaScript and Node.js), and formal development presentations.

In Comparison

GrokOla In Comparison

GrokOla Feature Comparison to Balsalmiq Mockups + Atlassian Confluence With Questions Add-on


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About Keyhole Software:

Keyhole Software is a Midwest-based software development and consulting firm. Experts in application development and the integration of enterprise-level solutions, Keyhole was founded on the principle of delivering quality through a talented technical team. Kansas City – St. Louis – Chicago.


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