Keyhole To Sponsor Dev Up 2016 Conference

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We are pleased to announce that Keyhole Software is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Dev Up conference.

Formerly known as the St. Louis Days of .NET and rebranded as Dev Up during the 2015 conference, the 9th annual edition will bring together regional and national IT experts to share their knowledge for technology.

The Dev Up conference is October 20-22, 2016 at the Ameristar Casino & Resort in St. Charles, Missouri. The main conference takes place on Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, and features over 140 technical training sessions geared toward all levels of experience. Thursday, October 20th, features all-day hands-on sessions called “Pre-Compilers” which are optional. 

Two speakers from the Keyhole Software team will be presenting topics at this year’s event: Jaime Niswonger and Chase Aucoin.

Jaime Niswonger’s presentation: DevOps And Microservices Live!

This presentation will demonstrate an actual Microservices application implementation with a live showing of a durable, stable, and elastic Microservices platform automated with DevOps tooling. The following features will be demonstrated: Scaling a Service, Continuous Deployment of a Service (adding new features, fixing bugs), Containerizing a Service With Docker, Monitoring Circuit Breakers Under Load With Hystrix, Handling Open Circuits, Log Aggregation, Container/Service Orchestration, On-Demand Resource Allocation, and Routing & Orchestration.

The reference Microservices application is implemented using a single-page application (Angular SPA) UI, Spring Boot, and Netflix OSS frameworks. The DevOps SDLC environment will utilize Docker, Maven, Git, and Jenkins. They will be configured to provide a continuous delivery mechanism to a cloud-based infrastructure. Other infrastructure options such as cloud or on-premise cloud environments will also be discussed.

Chase Aucoin’s presentation: Microsoft Service Fabric: Microservices Architecture Made Super Simple

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CPU and RAM costs continue to plummet. Multi-core systems are ubiquitous. Writing code is easier than it has ever been. Why, then, is it still so darn hard to make a scalable system? The microservice architectural paradigm allows us to effectively scale our products.

You will learn & be able to bring to your organization:

  • What a Microservice is
  • The difference between SOA and Microservice
  • You’ll be able to speak to the value of breaking down your monolith
  • What the technologies are that are available in the Microsoft stack to make adopting micro services easy
  • Scalable deployment and testing strategies
  • How to create highly available systems that won’t fail
  • How to effectively incorporate the business into the engineering decisions and vice versa

New changes for Dev Up 2016 bring several enhancements:

  • Thursday pre-compilers are all hands-on only sessions
  • Half day workshops available on Saturday afternoon at no additional cost
  • Sessions are now organized by track
  • Reduced number of total tickets available
    • 200 early bird tickets (June 20 – July 17 or until sold out): $250 per person
    • 350 regular/standard (June 27 – September 30 or until sold out): $350 per person
    • 50 student tickets (June 27 – September 30 or until sold out) $60 per student (students age 16-25 only)
    • 200 precompiler passes (only sold with tickets until sold out) $90 per person

Other Dev Up conference topics include Agile, Architecture Practices, ASP.NET, Azure & Cloud, C#/Language, Cross-Platform, Database/SQL, Development Practices, DevOps, Entity Framework, HTML5, IoT, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Mobile, MVC, Project Management, Security, Software Career, User Experience, Visual Studio, Web Services, and others.

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Please visit for more information on the conference and to purchase tickets.

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