Keyhole Announces Platinum KCDC 2018 Sponsorship & Speakers

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Attention: The following article was published over 4 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

We are pleased to announce that Keyhole Software is a Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 Kansas City Developer Conference! 2018 is Keyhole’s sixth year as a KCDC conference sponsor.

The Kansas City Developer Conference is a Kansas City-based, non-profit software developer conference. The 10th annual conference will be held from July 11-14th, 2018. Main conference days are Thursday & Friday, July 12th and 13th.

Day one of the conference, Wednesday, July 11th, will be a day of “Pre-Compilers” – optional, full-day, hands-on workshops on a specific topic. July 12th and 13th, the main conference days, will feature one-hour breakout sessions. Additionally, July 14th will host a KC Kids Conference (KC)2. 

KCDC breakout session topics span various languages (C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell, etc.), frameworks (Spring, Angular, React,  Vue, etc.), cloud / DevOps, software methodology, software testing, data analysis / big data, user experience, and more. It’s an excellent learning opportunity right here in Kansas City.

Tickets are now on sale. Use the Keyhole promo code to get 10% off of your tickets: 10OFFKEYHOLE

Keyhole Speakers

See Keyhole speakers Billy Korando and Mat Warger at this year’s event.

Thursday, July 12th

Portable and Reliable Integration Testing with TestContainers and Spring Cloud Contract

10:00 AM in 2210; Speaker: Billy Korando

Integration testing can be difficult and unreliable. Integration tests often require complex setup, access to remote resources, and specific test data, but for all this work integration tests are often flakey. Tests can fail because a remote system is down or over-utilized, test data has become stale, or any other of a number of reasons.

Beyond the flakiness of integration tests, integration testing can also suffer from difficulty of reproducing edge case scenarios like system outages, wait times while teams responsible for remote systems complete their work, and the difficulty in running integration tests locally.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way? During this presentation, we will define and cover the goals and best practices of integration testing. We will then look at how the tools of TestContainers and Spring Cloud Contract not only make writing integration tests easier, but more portable, reliable, capable of reproducing complex scenarios, and how more value can be derived from tests in the form of documentation and local development aides.

Supercharge Your Automated Testing with JUnit 5, AssertJ, and Mockito

1:15 PM in 2210; Speaker: Billy Korando

After a more than ten year wait we finally have a new version of the popular JUnit framework. JUnit 5 brings many much needed improvements to how we test code, but in the time since the last release of JUnit several other powerful and flexible testing tools have also been released.

In this presentation we will learn how to combine the new features of JUnit 5 with assertJ and mockito to quickly write fast, flexible, and easily readable tests.

During this presentation we will cover:

  • The key new features and change coming in JUnit 5
  • Common pitfalls the make testing harder and how to fix or avoid them
  • Using assertJ to make asserting in tests easier and more readable
  • Using the mockito framework to build out mock objects so you can easily test case scenarios

If you have been struggling when writing tests for your code or feel testing is a chore I would definitely recommend checking out this presentation.

Friday, July 13th

Bootstrap Your App with AWS Amplify!

9:45 AM in 2211; Speaker: Mat Warger

Front-end development can be complicated. There are enough libraries, and enough churn, to make anyone feel lost in the shuffle. Common concerns for any non-trivial modern web application include features like authentication, user content, logging, and analytics. In this session, we break down and demo the key features of AWS Amplify – an open-source library from Amazon. Amplify abstracts away the common functionality that so many applications share and allows developers to focus on business logic – not plumbing!

In this session, we walk through a simple application highlighting the features and tools the library provides. This should leave you with the knowledge of how and why you would integrate this with your own projects. The session will use React to demonstrate the features of the library, but general front-end development experience is all that is required.

Keyhole KCDC Giveaway Details

Stop by the Keyhole booth and enter for a chance to win a $150 Amazon Gift Card! The random drawing for the winner will take place the afternoon of Friday, July 13, 2018.

Please visit for more information on the Kansas City Developer Conference. See you there!

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