Keyhole Releases Open Source, React-Based Chat UI Component

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The Keyhole team is excited to announce the release of an open source UI chat component that can be embedded in applications. This UI Component is React-based and can be used for chatbots and chat-based user interfaces.

Its Github project has a test implementation, so you can see it in action. It has a configurable implementation to talk with any server-side API. This component abstracts away its data transport middleware and, in the absence of a consumer-provided implementation, emulates its own asynchronous reply.

This component is stand alone and built with React. Features out-of-the-box include Configurable Server Side API & Configurable Component Size.

This is the UI component that was used in our Conversational Dashboard KHS {Convo} as an SMS application emulator.

Here is a screenshot:

To learn more or get started using it, visit its Github repository here:

It has also has been published as an NPM component. Here is the NPM link:

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