Keyhole Announces Platinum KCDC 2019 Sponsorship & Speakers

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We are pleased to announce that Keyhole Software is a Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 Kansas City Developer Conference! 2019 is Keyhole’s seventh year as a KCDC conference sponsor.

The Kansas City Developer Conference is a Kansas City-based, non-profit software developer conference. The 11th annual conference will be held from July 17-19th, 2019. Main conference days are Thursday & Friday, July 18th and 19th.

Day one of the conference, Wednesday, July 17th, will be a day of “Pre-Compilers” – optional, full-day, hands-on workshops on a specific topic. July 18th and 19th will feature one-hour breakout sessions.

KCDC breakout session topics span various languages (C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell, etc.), frameworks (Spring, Angular, React, Vue, etc.), cloud / DevOps, Blockchain, software methodology, software testing, data analysis / big data, user experience, and more. It’s an excellent learning opportunity right here in Kansas City.

Keyhole Speakers

See Keyhole speakers David Pitt and Mat Warger at this year’s event.

Friday, July 19th

What Developers Need To Know About Blockchain

9:45 AM in 2209; Speaker – David Pitt

While cryptocurrencies brought blockchain to the forefront of technology headlines, the technology underneath has true potential for the enterprise outside of the cryptocurrency space.

After all, people have shared information in the same ways for hundreds of years, paper was just replaced by digital computers. In both cases, information is simply copied. Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally disrupt this through efficiency and cost savings.

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Developers need to understand exactly how this technology works & its potential use cases. This presentation introduces blockchain structure, explains why it’s important, and shows it in action with a reference implementation using open source Hyperledger.

Friday, July 19th

Rock-Solid Components with TypeScript and GraphQL

3:30 PM in 2202; Speaker – Mat Warger
Most recent javascript frameworks bring a solid component model to modern web development, but how can you guarantee that your components work correctly? In this session, you learn how the features of Typescript can be leveraged to bring clarity and dependability when constructing components with React. Using Typescript can help to catch errors early in the development life-cycle. GraphQL and its type system can ensure confidence in your components while fetching remote data. This comprehensive approach ensures that your components behave as you expect, and allows you to eliminate run-time errors. Learn how using types can keep your users happy!

Keyhole KCDC Giveaway Details

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Stop by the Keyhole booth and enter for a chance to win a $150 Amazon Gift Card! The random drawing for the winner will take place the afternoon of Monday, July 22, 2019.

For extra entries, try out the conversational application we built by texting the word “quiz” to number 913-270-0360. For more details on you can win, visit Keyhole Labs.

Please visit for more information on the Kansas City Developer Conference. See you there!

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