Blockchain: Where It Fits Into Enterprise Development

[Video] Where Blockchain Fits Into Enterprise Development

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Recording Details

This 60-minute video features Keyhole Principle Consultant David Pitt discussing blockchain in the enterprise in December 2019 at the Hyperledger KC User Group sponsored by Keyhole Software. Copyright Keyhole Software, 2019.

Hyperledger Fabric is a general-purpose blockchain framework that allows groups and consortiums to share data securely and with providence. Hyperledger Fabric has Java, Go, and Node.js SDKs that allow client applications to interact with an HLF network.

While you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer, understanding basic programming concepts will be helpful in understanding the subject matter.

Video Abstract

In this video, Keyhole Software Principal Consultant David Pitt discusses where he feels blockchain fits into modern business applications and how they can be architected. He introduces Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain framework, and shows how it can be used to benefit enterprise due to its tamper-proof and distributed nature. In this presentation, David also introduces an open-source reference blockchain with a real use case applicable to global data.

This talk can be split into two parts – part one being the presentation and open-source reference overview, part two being Q&A with user group attendees to ensure understanding of the presented concepts.

In addition to how the technology can be used within enterprises, Keyhole has also taken an interest in researching how blockchain fits into the health care industry. Our white paper, Tracking Lab Results with Blockchain Technology, explores how it might be useful in virus tracking. Keyhole also hosted a Meetup Group focussing on Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Tracking, and the complete recording of the talk is available.

Topics & Timing

Welcome, Speakers Experience with Blockchain and Hyperledger
  • Time 03:12 – How Enterprise Companies Access Data, “Single Source of Truth” and Distributed Applications
  • Time 04:51 – Overview
  • Time 05:07 – Sharing and Integration With Traditional Data Structures / Without Blockchain
  • Time 06:38 – Where Blockchain Fits In
  • Time 10:50 – The Challenge
  • Time 19:25 – Fabric Blockchain Recap
  • Time 22:57 – Reference Hyperledger Blockchain Network Architecture/Topology & Explanations
  • Time – 30:19 How Business Apps Can Access Fabric Blockchain Network
  • Time – 32:09 Introduction to Open Source Byzantine Flu Blockchain Network, Use Case
  • Time 35:49 – Q&A / Discussion of Reference App Begins
  • Time 35:29 – Tamper-Proof and Using IoT Devices
  • Time 40:25 – Distributed Data Structure
  • Time 40:40 – Q: Disputes in Supply Chain Blockchain Data
  • Time 48:32 – Q: Hyperledger Channels In Practice
  • Time 50:45 – Challenge: Getting All Suppliers on Board For Consortium
Wrap Up
  • Time 53:09 – How To Get Started with Hyperledger Fabric
  • Time 56:44 – Certificate Authority, Permissions, Granular Access

Hyperledger User Group

The Hyperledger Kansas City Meetup group discusses all topics related to Hyperledger blockchains. The group seeks to provide an opportunity for Kansas City professionals to network with others who are interested in or working with, Hyperledger blockchain networks.

Make sure to join the Hyperledger Kansas City Meetup Group to ensure you receive invitations to all upcoming blockchain events. All Kansas City Hyperledger meetup events will free to attend and will be held at the Keyhole Software office in Lenexa, Kansas.

View Meetup Page

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