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Keyhole Software Purchases and Moves To New Headquarters

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Attention: The following article was published over 3 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

Keyhole Software is proud to announce its recent purchase of and move to its new headquarters located at 11205 W. 79th Street in Lenexa, Kansas. In the years since the company’s move to its old location in Leawood in 2010, it has grown considerably and will continue to grow and expand in the new decade.

“Since moving our business to Leawood in 2010, our team grew from just 12 employees to around 100 employees,” Keyhole Software Director of Operations Lauren Fournier said, “In our old office space, we luckily had the ability to double the size of our office two separate times to accommodate growth in the same location. Our new standalone building is the next step of growth for the Keyhole team.”

The new building offers more room for Keyhole’s developers to work collaboratively together with an increased amount of flexible space for technical meetup groups and teaching seminars. It includes a space dedicated to client-focused education on technical topics.

The building offers an open floor plan with various conference rooms that will cultivate and add to Keyhole’s team-oriented culture and will foster communication between all members of the team and their clients.

Although interior design is still in progress, the Keyhole team is settling in and loving their new space. With the capacity to accommodate more people, Keyhole will have the ability to continue to do what it’s most passionate about: application development, expert consulting, and knowledge transfer.

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