Keyhole Fabric API Gateway by Keyhole Labs is Accepted into Hyperledger Labs

Keyhole Fabric API Gateway Accepted Into Hyperledger Labs

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Attention: The following article was published over 3 years ago, and the information provided may be aged or outdated. Please keep that in mind as you read the post.

The Keyhole Labs team has announced that the Keyhole Fabric API Gateway has been accepted into Hyperledger Labs.

Hyperledger Labs is a community-based innovation space gathering people who share a common interest in developing blockchain-related software. Entrance into Hyperledger Labs allows the Keyhole Fabric API Gateway to be further tested, innovated, and used by the wider Hyperledger community.

See the official announcement on the Labs blog.

For more information on the tool, visit the Byzantine Tools website.

To see the code, see the Keyhole Fabric API Gateway project located on the Hyperledger Labs Github.

About Keyhole Labs

Keyhole Labs is a think tank devoted to creating helpful, innovative software for other developers. The solutions available include both paid and open source.

More specifically, Keyhole Labs is the product development side of Keyhole Software. Working in parallel as separate companies, Labs is the “product and innovation” arm. And the stellar developers at Keyhole Software are the brains of the operation.

If your team needs a custom blockchain solution, the consultants here at Keyhole Software would be delighted to help you embrace blockchain technology. Just reach out.

Stay tuned for more Byzantine Tools announcements!

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