OSS Release: HTTP Load + SLA Testing Utility With Go

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KeyholeSoftware.dev—the innovation arm of Keyhole Software—has released a new open-source HTTP load testing command line utility implemented in Go. khsLoad is used to test the performance of APIs and websites through user simulation with features for creating data graphs useful for SLAs.

khsLoad, The Open Source Go Utility

khsLoad is used to test the performance of APIs and websites. The command-line utility allows for simulated users to invoke HTTP-based URLs over a specified duration. Throughput and bytes transferred are reported and results can be saved to a CSV file that can be generated into a graph plot.

Use cases include:

  • A/B testing a load on an application’s web pages—testing web pages with khsLoad, then applying caching or other performance optimizations and validating if those changes make a difference.
  • Testing the working functionality of mechanisms like governing, throttling, and rate-limiting on APIs for consumer use.
  • Testing and validating websites and APIs to ensure that response time service-level agreements (SLAs) are being met.

Seeing khsLoad In Action

Let’s discuss an example that runs a free weather API that returns meta-data for a longitude/latitude location….

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