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Keyhole Software Announces New Executive Structure

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Keyhole Software has grown significantly since its foundation in 2008. Over the years, Keyhole has evolved from a two-person unit to a fully-fledged, 100+ member team, assisting clients from every business verticle with every technology stack.

Even as Keyhole has experienced this monumental growth, we have stayed true to our original guiding principles. We are committed to our employees first, bringing them together into one cohesive, passionate, expert-level team in order to deliver for our clients with humility.

As 2023 begins, we have an exciting announcement. We have formalized Keyhole Software’s executive structure.

Keyhole Software’s New Executive Team

As we continue to grow in the years to come, increased clarity of roles and responsibilities will be of the utmost importance in preserving our commitment and adherence to our founding principles. This formalized executive structure will do just that, allowing Keyhole to continue to thrive even as our team expands.

Our new executive team comprises individuals who truly understand the Keyhole Software values and have played an integral role at Keyhole for many years. They will continue to do so now in their new positions.

Executive Team Members

By order of tenure, the executive team is listed below with their new titles.

Chris DeSalvo, Founder/CEO
14 years with Keyhole

David Pitt, Founder
14 years with Keyhole

Jaime Niswonger, Chief Technology Officer
13 years with Keyhole

Lauren Bogner, Chief People Officer
11 years with Keyhole

Zach Gardner, Chief Architect
9 years with Keyhole

Chris Bristow, President
8 years with Keyhole

Melissa Conaghan, Chief Financial Officer
7 years with Keyhole

This change demonstrates Keyhole’s continued commitment to ensuring all team members have the resources they need to succeed and that all clients receive the gold-standard service Keyhole is known for. With this executive team, we are excited to continue our momentum into the next phase of Keyhole Software.

We start today.

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