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Brian is a Kansas City native and avid Chiefs fan. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and in his spare time works on 3D modeling and printing technology. As a Software Consultant, Brian specializes in .NET with extensive expertise in database technologies and web application development using C#.

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Quick Introduction To SQL Server Profiler

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When working with SQL Server, you might run across a situation where it is just not running fast enough. While there could be many reasons for this, there are tools that can help you track down just what is going on behind the scenes. SQL Server Management Studio’s SQL Server Profiler or just (Profiler) is a tool that can be used to monitor queries run on your database.

In this blog post I’ll give a brief demonstration of the SQL Server Profiler tool. I’ll show you how to keep an eye on all the queries that are being run against your database, as well as how to use a filter to narrow your search to just slower-running queries…