Apollo Client and GraphQL

Apollo Client: State Management for GraphQL Made Easy

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In this post, we will explore Apollo Client integrated with a React application and how it provides an abstraction layer between a JavaScript application and a GraphQL server. The features Apollo Client offers make it a prime choice for devs also using GraphQL.

We’ll begin by discussing what Apollo Client is and how it can be advantageous over other state management libraries. And finally, we will look at some example React queries for retrieving and mutating data.

Let’s get started.

Scripting Development Environment Setup with tmux

Scripting Development Environment Setup with tmux

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Recently, I found myself in a position that developers often face – setting up a complicated local development environment.

My mission: get 8-10 local services up and running using a variety of technologies to test my code prior to merging to a shared environment. Armed with several outdated READMEs, my terminal, and some dire warnings about which services would likely crash my machine, I dove in.

The following blog is my story of writing scripts that utilize tmux to impose some order on the setup process.

Avaya Agent for Desktop with React and SignalR

Code Tutorial: Integrating Avaya Agent For Desktop With React And SignalR

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Keyhole Software gives readers an in-depth code walkthrough and tutorial for how to integrate Avaya Agent for Desktop using React and SignalR.

This integration allows the web-based application to asynchronously receive information about an inbound call, which enriches agents’ experiences and protects against context switching and double documenting. As for technology, AAfD (Avaya Agent for Desktop) is used as the softphone, React as the library to compose the SPA (Single Page Application), and SignalR as the bi-directional message hub.

The hypothetical scenario in this tutorial can be extended to many other use cases where there needs to be coordination between disparate systems, with an end user’s web browser being informed of the traffic without needing to do any long polling or other methodologies.

Asynchronous data flow is useful to many different business verticles, and SignalR is a powerful tool that will likely become a larger part of the custom Application Development enterprise ecosystem in years to come.

Improve Java Skills By Going Old School

Want to Get Better at Java? Go Old School.

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So you’re a Java programmer, and you want to take your skills to a higher level. I’m going to suggest you take a project and go old school.

Over the course of this blog, I’ll explain what “going old school” means as well as give you some tips and tricks to get started. We’re going to step away from most modern tools and go back to the basics, so you gain a deeper understanding of what Java is and how it works. By the end, you should be well on your way to improving your Java skill set.

5 VS Code Extensions To Rocket Productivity

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We all want to write cleaner and faster code. Better code. However, at the same time, we all learn at our own pace, and if you’re like me, discovering new strategies and methods to be more productive can take some time to adapt to and fully adopt. The quickest way I know to improve the coding process is to use effective tools to assist us. Even improving by just 1% is still an improvement!

I’ve assembled a quick unordered list of five great helpers that help me with organization and time and reduce my stress level as a developer. This list will be specific to extensions for VS Code (for the most part).