Can AI Write Code

Can AI Write Code Now?

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The topic of AI seems to be everywhere lately. At this point, I’ve consumed many hours of content regarding what it is and how it’s going to change the world… whether we want it to or not. However, I haven’t actually developed much code with it.

I’ve been writing code in some form since the early 2000s, but I have almost no practical experience with AI as used for development. Sure, I understand the basics, and I have a personal subscription to Chat GPT. But besides a couple of fun pictures that I’ve created of two of my past dogs that were never alive at the same time, I’ve not had much experience using it for code.

In this article, I’m going to test Chat GPT to see how much I can accomplish while writing as little actual code as possible.

GenAI in the Enterprise: Erik Hermansen, Director of Engineering at Bayer

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Erik Hermansen, a Director of Engineering at Bayer, joins us on the Generative AI in the Enterprise podcast today. Erik is a self-taught software engineer who is passionate about bleeding-edge techs, like Generative AI and LLMs. He has a lot of sympathy for folks who feel overwhelmed and overloaded by all the hype around GenAI. His advice is to slow …

Quickly Setup And Use CodeGPT in VS Code

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Lately, the buzz about AI has been inescapable among my peers – especially around OpenAI’s GPT-4 and its implementations: Chat GPT, VideoGPT, and DALL·E. Tools like these are rapidly changing how we interact with and develop on the internet. They are defining our future. Web 5.0 is here, believe it or not, and AI is a big part of that.

Using Open AI’s GPT-4 doesn’t come without some controversy, but the implementation of CodeGPT within VS Code should not cause concern. Time-traveling, unstoppable intelligent robots are not coming after you… at least not just yet.

In this post, I’ll briefly cover why using CodeGPT is helpful, how to use it, and how to set it up. Let’s get started!