Quickly Setup And Use CodeGPT in VS Code

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Lately, the buzz about AI has been inescapable among my peers – especially around OpenAI’s GPT-4 and its implementations: Chat GPT, VideoGPT, and DALL·E. Tools like these are rapidly changing how we interact with and develop on the internet. They are defining our future. Web 5.0 is here, believe it or not, and AI is a big part of that.

Using Open AI’s GPT-4 doesn’t come without some controversy, but the implementation of CodeGPT within VS Code should not cause concern. Time-traveling, unstoppable intelligent robots are not coming after you… at least not just yet.

In this post, I’ll briefly cover why using CodeGPT is helpful, how to use it, and how to set it up. Let’s get started!

Data Science

Predicting River Flow with a Supervised Learning Time Series Model

Alex Lagge Data Science, Machine Learning 1 Comment

In this blog, we will build a flow rate prediction algorithm for the Norfork River in Arkansas. Both farmers and recreationists are heavily dependent on the flow rate of the river. As the river flows faster, the risk of flooding increases and flooding can destroy crops for farmers and ruin vacations for tourists.

My goal with this flow rate prediction algorithm was to give a better idea of what the next 4 days of river flow will look like. Below, I will discuss the data science process that I underwent to make these predictions.

Chatbot with Rasa

Chatting with Rasa: An Intro to Chatbots

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It seems like a lot of websites these days are equipped with a Chatbot. It’s used for customer service, simple Q/A, and more.

As chatbots have grown in popularity, so have the number of different frameworks that can be used to implement them.

In this blog, we will explore one of these frameworks, Rasa. First, I’ll cover some of the basics of chatbots. Then, I’ll explain how to write a simple Chatbot using Rasa, and we’ll highlight some of its additional functionality as well.