First Experiences With Windows 8

John Boardman Opinion, Other, Problem Solving, Programming 3 Comments

This is a departure from many of the other Keyhole blogs, in that it deals with system software and hardware. However, make sure to keep reading. 🙂 I have built hundreds of PCs over the years. Anybody else remember receiving a RAM upgrade with lots of chips stuck to a foam pad, straightening the pins so they would fit into …

Programmers and the Amazon Have This in Common

Tim Broyles Other, Programming 1 Comment

Have you ever been stuck on a problem, some seemingly un-explainable production malfunction in the code? You’ve stepped though it with the debugger, run enumerable test scenarios trying to simulate what the user is doing, but still the issue remains? Likely so. What can you do? My suggestion: take a walk! Like a silver bullet in the heart of a werewolf (okay, …


A Delicate Balance: It’s What We Do

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What does a consultant with Keyhole Software do? Do we do heads-down coding on software? Do we design new systems? Introduce new tools and techniques? Do we help with process? Testing? Gathering requirements? To all of these things, the answer is yes. Regardless of the reason we are brought in, our duties are to help our clients — even in …