Transform Pub/Sub to Firestore Database in GCP

Rusty Divine Apache, Cloud, Data Science, Python Leave a Comment

This year, the client I work with has started exploring the offerings in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) after investing years into the Microsoft Azure cloud. The opportunity has allowed me to explore a few new technologies that this post will cover and that you will hopefully find interesting.

In short, I was tasked with transforming Pub/Sub to Firestore Database in GCP. The scenario explored in this post takes an FHIR healthcare data feed, extracts telephone and email information, and then stores that in a Firestore database.

Apache Camel

Spring Boot & Apache Camel: Navigating the Data Processing Desert

Matt McCandless Apache, Java, Spring, Spring Boot Leave a Comment

This article will set up a basic Spring Boot app that incorporates Apache Camel to move some sample files around.

If you are like me, you find that flat-file processing can be pretty dry. Considering what Apache Camel does, its name is very fitting. While there are plenty of reasons for the name, it definitely makes sense that Apache Camel does a lot of lugging things around for you…