What are the Benefits of Moving My Business to the Cloud?

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In the last decade, the phrase “the cloud” has transitioned from a futuristic concept to a fundamental business strategy. The benefits of moving your business to the cloud have become increasingly clear, offering a new perspective on resource management, efficiency, and scalability. About seven or eight years ago, this concept began to reshape the way businesses approach technology. While it …

LDAP Server on AWS

Setting Up an LDAP Server Instance on AWS

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This blog describes the basics of what it takes to get an existing LDAP server moved from the PV virtualization type to HVM. I encountered this situation personally while working for a client earlier this year. Efforts have been made to keep most of it generic enough to be useful for other situations involving system upgrades or replacements as well.

The Power of Amazon Lightsail

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Amazon Lightsail allows a developer to build applications and websites fast, with very little cost, using pre-configured cloud resources on AWS. You can create a website or application in just a few clicks and automatically configure networking, access, and security environments with ease. It will easily scale as needed, or you can migrate your resources to a larger AWS ecosystem, such as Amazon EC2.

Recently, a client wanted to move and update an existing marketing / informational WordPress site from a typical hosting provider to their existing AWS environment. Let’s walk through that process and also explore some of the other options that are available with Amazon Lightsail.

VS Code’s Development Container: A Stepping Stone To IaC

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In this post, l explain how we used Visual Studio Code’s Development Container feature as a stepping stone in our long-term effort to achieve Collaborative Infrastructure as Code. This one step in the process gave a versioned, repeatable working environment and allowed us time to determine the next steps in the effort to achieve IaC.