Java Recursion in Action: CopyFlat

CopyFlat: Java Recursion in Action

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By using Java’s built-in file classes, along with recursion, it turns out to be pretty easy to implement the requirements that I came up! It’s fairly simple to copy a set of files nested inside a directory structure into a new flat directory.

Remember, while you probably aren’t burning your own CDs or cassettes nowadays, there are reasons why the concepts demonstrated here are still relevant. The computer science techniques in this small set of code (such as recursion, threading, and file manipulation) are basic skills all Java programmers should know.

Cobol Modernization with Spring Batch Header Image of Mainframe Racks

White Paper: COBOL Modernization Strategy with Spring Batch

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The Keyhole team is proud to announce the publishing of a new, free white paper: COBOL Modernization Strategy with Spring Batch

This strategy positions Spring Batch as an irresistible proposition for organizations ready to bid farewell to their COBOL legacy. Keyhole Software offers guiding principles for COBOL modernization, with a comprehensive guide based on tangible experience for enterprises navigating the realm of COBOL modernization. 

Optimizing Output File Testing in Spring Batch

Optimizing Output File Testing in Spring Batch

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It’s quite common to build Spring Batch jobs in which the output is a file for distribution to another team, or to another business. These text files can be in various formats from delimited, fixed length, XML, or some other structure such as an MT950 formatted file (common in financial institutions). In a previous article, I discussed testing practices using …

Programming Language Assimilation: BE the Borg - Nulls in Java

Programming Language Assimilation: Be the Borg

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One of the great benefits of learning multiple programming languages is the ability to learn how languages are different from one another and what the best pieces of each language are. I’m not deep into Star Trek, but the Borg Collective fascinated me. Before assimilating a new species, the Borg assessed if the new species was worthy of assimilation. To be worthy, the species’ assimilation would need to get the Borg closer to perfection.

We can think about new programming languages like the Borg treats new species. When we learn a new language, we should measure success based on how it hones our programming tool kit and how its concepts grow our overall programming knowledge and understanding…

Testing the Current Date/Time in Spring and Java

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How often in Java services do we need to use the current date and time? Most of us would agree we use it quite often. Many times, we may want to record when an event happened, such as logging in, sending an invoice, or recording a chat. Other times, we may want to use the current time in a business …