Blazor Server in .NET 6 – Part One

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In Part 1 of the Keyhole Blazor Server in .NET 6 series, we learned how to create a new Blazor server application with both the CLI and Visual Studio methods. We covered the default template files that are provided when creating a new application and talked through some of the functionality and syntax inside the default components.

This gave us a brief primer for creating our own Character Builder application, so we created a Blazor page, navigated to our new page, and created a component to display data on a Character Page. We were able to see how component lifestyles function when attempting to display our characters as well.

Hopefully, Part 1 provided a helpful outline for navigating the CharactersPage component in further installments of the .NET 6 series. See you in Part 2, where we build on this application to utilize Blazor Protected Browser Storage.