Case Study: MonoTouch Mobile Application Ecosport UV

EcoSport UVClient: EcoSport Sun Protection of Sunflower Dermatology

App Category: Weather

Release Date: July 2012

Platform: iPhone

Services Performed: Application Development, UI Design, Web Services Development, Project Management

Application Description

Ecosport UV provides a new, educational approach to proactive skin protection from harmful UV rays.

The application allows the user to view the current UV index and temperature by zip code search. Ecosport UV then provides education to the user: what that UV Index means, how it affects the user, and how to proactively combat sun damage. They then have the option to view suggested sun protection techniques for the current index range, including sunscreen application, clothing and eye protection.


  • Current UV Index by zip code
  • Current Temperature by zip code
  • Information on sun protection
  • Suggested UV protection options
  • “Shake” phone to refresh UV index manually


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Keyhole’s Role In Development

Ecosport Sun Protection, of Sunflower Dermatology, approached Keyhole Software for assistance in making an idea come to life. As Sunflower Dermatology is not a software company, Keyhole provided all technical advisory and development roles for the project, while being in direct communication on the process and progress with the client.

Because of the company’s intent to release as quickly as possible, Keyhole consultants chose MonoTouch (now known as Xamarin.iOS) as the platform for development. The application took a total of three months from concept to Apple App Store acceptance.