Keyhole's Software & Products

Not only does our team deliver quality enterprise IT solutions for our clients, but we've also applied our architecture style, methods, and frameworks to our own creations.
Through, our team of talented developers have built a handful of powerful tools and frameworks:


Free UI design and UML diagramming tool built for architects, developers, and designers alike

Fly Tyer World

Both a web and cross-platform mobile application that organizes Youtube fly-tying videos for quick reference

KHS {Convo}

Open-source framework that makes programming automated and conversational SMS/texting apps easy

Trouble Maker

Open-source tool that tests Java applications by introducing failures to ensure software stability

Open-Source Projects

From development and support frameworks to nifty applications, all available on Github is the product development side of Keyhole Software.

Working in parallel as separate companies, is the “product and innovation” arm with the stellar developers at Keyhole Software as the brains of the operation. is a think tank devoted to creating helpful, innovative software for other developers.

Byzantine Tools

The Keyhole team has also crafted Byzantine Tools, a series of open-source tools designed specifically for use with blockchain technologies. These handy frameworks provide solutions for your blockchain-related needs.

Byzantine Browser

Analytics tool for real-time visibility into transactions and blocks as they are added

Byzantine Config

Update a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain by producing a config buffer file

Keyhole Fabric API Gateway

Access Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks and their data with this API gateway implementation

Keyhole Virus Tracker

Track viruses (like COVID-19) across the country with this Hyperledger Fabric reference application