Guitar Tuner Pro

KHS Guitar Tuner Pro is an Android and iOS application that can assist guitarists with a variety of different tuning setups.


A team of consultants on the team architected and developed Guitar Tuner Pro, a cross-platform mobile application using Flutter.

The app can play notes within the selected tuning to use as a reference, and it uses incoming audio from the microphone to give musicians a visual indicator for what pitch is being played. It also contains a metronome with multiple timing options, making it useful for the whole practice session.

The application was written with Flutter to share a single implementation across multiple platforms. It was built in accordance with the Bloc design pattern for code organization.

Case Study

Guitar Tuner Pro development details are explained in detail in its accompanying Case Study.

Case Study

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The app is available for free, in both the app store and the Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

Download Guitar Tuner Pro
Download Guitar Tuner
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    Application Structure

    KHS Guitar Tuner Pro consists of two main components, the Tuner and the Metronome. The app displays a navigation bar at the bottom that allows the user to switch between the associated screens.

    Tuner Screen

    The primary functionality of the app is housed on the Tuner screen, where the user can select their target tuning for a guitar and receive guidance in adjusting their string tension to reach the desired pitch.

    The application monitors any incoming notes via the device’s microphone and displays the observed note with a meter at the top of the screen. The note is highlighted in green when the pitch matches an expected note or in yellow when the pitch is incorrect. This gives the user visual feedback for not only whether a given string is tensioned correctly but also whether an incorrect pitch is too high or low for their target.

    A set of buttons is also displayed for playing the desired notes through the device’s speakers. Once a user selects which tuning they prefer, these buttons update with the corresponding notes and provide the user with reference sounds to compare against for each string.

    Metronome Screen

    KHS Guitar Tuner Pro also provides a metronome to use for practice sessions. The user can configure the top and bottom values of their time signature and even adjust the tempo in beats per minute.

    Once activated, the app will play an audible tick and flash the play/pause button green as each beat occurs, yielding a brighter green and a louder tick for beats emphasized by the time signature.