KHS Convo

Open source framework for automated, conversational SMS texting applications.


A team of consultants on the KeyholeSoftware.Dev team architected and developed KHS {Convo}. Provides highly customizable SMS capabilities with basic functionality built in, omitting the need to build custom conversational applications from the ground up. KHS{Convo} is a Node.js-based platform for creating SMS and Web-based conversational experiences.

Out of the box, KHS {Convo} is designed as a Node-based server API utilizing Twilio for SMS support. The analytics dashboard is implemented with React. Additionally, KHS {Convo} uses React to generate a link to a dynamically-generated HTML user interface to provide a rich user experience.

{KHS} Convo is a Node-based platform. To customize it, you will need an understanding of JavaScript.

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Potential Use Cases

Promotional Offers

Text promotional offers to subscribed users, like coupons, sales, or marketing messages.

Example: “We haven’t seen you in awhile! Use promo code Keyhole422 to get 20% off next purchase!”

Gather Sign Ups

Users can text in their participation in an event, like RSVPs, guest counts, or names of participants.

Example: Are you attending Event? Respond Y or N!

Quick Info Request

Users can get information on a product by texting a particular keyword to your number. “Product A” webpage sent.

Example: “Text code ‘12345’ to 913-555-5555 to learn more!”

Customer Engagement

Interact with customers via SMS texting using automated queries.

Example: Text a link to web survey after interaction.


Users can text in to participate in a giveaway, drawing, or contest.

Example: “Text in a keyword ‘join’ to enter giveaway.”


Timesheet Users can quickly and easily add timesheet entries using SMS.

Example: “7 hours today ‘ABC Project’ “

Appointment Management

Scheduling and confirming appointments

Example: Send appointment details, “request ‘C’ query to confirm.”

Contact Request

Users can state their need and a representative will get in touch.

Example: “Have a question about your insurance? Text us ‘help’ and we’ll give you a call.”

Short Quizzes

After a lecture or seminar, use to present a multi-question, multiple-choice quiz to test content retention.

Example: “Which of the following is NOT a Java-based language? ‘A’ JavaScript ‘B’ Java or ‘C’ COBOL”

Scheduling Mechanism

Users can put themselves on and off and view a community schedule by texting the app. Our team used it to schedule time in office.

Example: “In office ‘m,w,f'”

    What's Included With KHS {Convo}

    KHS {Convo} is an application framework that development teams can customize. It can be used to enhance current software or used from the ground up.

    This product is designed for use by other development teams with programming expertise, particularly with JavaScript, APIs, and Node,js. Customization of the framework will be required for use on client servers, although it comes with all of the heavy lifting for SMS configuration already completed and ample documentation.


    Simplification Of Conversational Experience

    Conversation Programming API & Finite State Machine Algorithm make it easy to program ​for ​highly customized ​mobile, SMS-based engagement with dynamic content​.

    Automated, Personalized SMS Conversations

    The framework is highly customizable, allowing you to use the same application for various texting use cases to connect with your users. Comes bundled with built-in validation framework for date, time, and custom queries.