Open Source Projects

Keyhole Software has a number of open source projects on Github. These projects range from development frameworks and support frameworks, to nifty proof-of-concept applications that can provide insight into certain technologies and functions.

Quick descriptions follow, but for all projects please visit the Keyhole team Github Repository.

Now-playing App

The now-playing app displays movies currently at the theater. It has been built two ways, one in Angular 2, the other in Angular 1. Compare and contrast for learning purposes. View in Angular 2View in Angular 1.

It was built solely as an educational example of using Angular 2 and is not intended to be used beyond the learning experience.

Keyhole Labs

We’re in software consulting because we like creating software. For some time, we have been developing internal software to support our own development. This has led to the creation of numerous software solutions: GrokOla, the tribal knowledge wiki; MockOla, the drag-and-drop wireframing tool; Trouble Maker, the Microservices tool to test software stability; and others.

In November of 2016, we announced the creation of Keyhole Labs, the product and innovation arm of Keyhole Software. Since that time, we have shifted many of our open source and products to that side of the organization.