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Trango is a plugin that enables an agile approach to Java EE application development using IBM RAD and Eclipse.


No Configuration Files Required


The Trango architecture elements and frameworks are pre-configured so application development activities such as application models, services, and persistency can be defined with an 100% Java source. Configuration files do not have to be maintained, which improves the agility of a development team by eliminating the need to format and synchronize configuration files.

POJO, Service Oriented Design and IOC Support

Application business logic and entities are defined a plain old Java objects (POJO) with service definitions that provide CRUD and application logic functions. Services are obtained from the Spring IOC container. The service design pattern provides a consistent mechanism in which application logic and domain utilities can be utilized. The IOC mechanism provides a way to intercept invocations and inject implementations. This can make applications more scalable and easier to change.

Easy Transaction Demarcation

By applying the service pattern along with Spring frameworks declarative transaction handling, transactions can be applied in a consistent manner. Transaction behavior can be configured external to application logic.

Automatic Unit Test Coverage

Unit testing application logic is essential in supporting agility and quality. Trango provides a generic unit testing utility that automatically generates basic coverage of service and domain objects. This saves development time and provides a fundamental level of quality assurance out of the box.

Continuous Integration and Dependency Management

Trango comes with predefined Ant and Maven scripts that can be used within various continuous integration environments.

Transparent Persistency

Application object entities can be persisted to various SQL data sources using various object relational mapping (ORM) frameworks. These frameworks can be applied without affecting service, POJO, or user interface layers.

Transparent Tiering

Scaling and reusability is improved with Trango’s transparent tiering, which allows user interface and application logic to be easily split across servers.

IBM RAD / Eclipse Support

Trango’s plug-in quickly and easily sets up application projects. It brings in all required supporting frameworks and provides convenient editors with contextual help.

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