Key Concepts In 33 Minutes

This 33-minute video introduces GraphQL key concepts & features that make it beneficial for use in modern APIs. Keyhole Software Senior Consultant Mat Warger leads this discussion.

  • Recording

    This video was recorded November 2020 at a Keyhole Software internal employee Lunch & Learn event.

GraphQL Recording

Why GraphQL Is Cool & What You Can Do With It

GraphQL Introductory Video Overview

GraphQL provides a better way to think about your data.

Senior Consultant Mat Warger demonstrates the main differences between traditional RESTful APIs and GraphQL APIs. He provides examples of using queries to get data using GraphQL query syntax. Key features including types, resolvers, and tools are also discussed.

He also gives basic examples of using GraphQL in a Node server as well as within a React application. A few questions and answers round out the discussion.

  • Traditional RESTful API Overview
  • Contrast of GraphQL To REST
  • Key GraphQL Features
  • Syntax Examples
  • Using GraphQL with Node Servers
  • Using GraphQL with React