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Modern Modern Web Essentials using JavaScript and HTML5Web Essentials using JavaScript and HTML5

Keyhole Members Involved: Managing Partner David Pitt, Marketing Manager Lauren Fournier

Published: May 2014 by InfoQ

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Book Abstract: Developing single page applications with JavaScript and HTML5 solves an enterprise pain point – how to reach users on various platforms without diminishing user experience. This book provides tools for a thorough understanding of three topics integral to effective enterprise-level, web SPA development: JavaScript language essentials, HTML5 specification features, and responsive design principles. Available for free download.

IBM With Java and WebSphere2Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere

Keyhole Members Involved: Managing Partner David Pitt, Sr. Consultant Jaime Niswonger

Published: May 2001; December 2003 by IBM Press

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Book Abstract: Detailed guidance for architecting WebSphere/J2EE applications that deliver maximum performance, scalability, and robustness. Using a start-to-finish case study, they build an entire system, showing how every piece fits together, how each API interrelates, and exactly how IBM’s VisualAge for Java Enterprise Edition and WebSphere implement the J2EE standards.


Kansas City Business Journal

Keyhole Software overcomes noncompete, economy with hard work, serendipity – Article discusses the growth strategies that Managing Partners Chris DeSalvo and David Pitt have employed at Keyhole.

gamasutra_logoAn Overview of Gamification – A guide for understanding how and why gamification works, the areas it is most effective, and what the limits are to help you determine the best approach.

Writing Games With Unity 3D in JavaScript and C#Part 1 / Part 2 – A technical tutorial series to illustrate how to develop a Galaga-style game with Unity 3D in JavaScript and C#.



Mobile Application Architecture with HTML5 and JavaScript – Article walks through the frameworks and structures used to implement a rich client side JavaScript / HTML5-based mobile application.


Dr. Dobb's

Measuring Java Reuse, Productivity, and ROI Article shows a way to measure productivity and reusability that occurs in Java development projects, explaining how reuse and productivity can be measured to eliminate a perception of productivity with a proven measurement approach.

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