Education Scheduled: Microservices And DevOps In Action​

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Keyhole Software has announced that it will host a Microservices and DevOps educational Breakfast Boost event on January 25, 2017. This free educational opportunity is open to the public and is specifically geared toward those participating in enterprise development.

This presentation will take place 8-10 a.m on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at the Keyhole Software office in Leawood, Kansas. The company address is 8900 State Line Road Suite 455 Leawood, KS 66206. Attendance is free; reserved tickets are required to reserve your spot.

To get more information and reserve your free tickets, please visit the Keyhole Software Eventbrite page.

Event Details

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | 8-10 a.m. CST

Many Microservices presentations simply talk about the benefits and design patterns of Microservices through bullet point concepts, diagrams, and discussion.

In contrast, this presentation will demonstrate an actual Microservices application implementation, with a live showing of a durable, stable, and elastic Microservices platform automated with DevOps tooling.

The following features will be demonstrated during this demonstration:

  • Scaling a Service
  • Continuous Deployment of a Service (Adding New Features, Fixing Bugs)
  • Containerizing a Service With Docker
  • Monitoring Circuit Breakers Under Load With Hystrix Dashboard
  • Handling Open Circuits
  • Log Aggregation
  • Container/Service Orchestration
  • On-Demand Resource Allocation
  • Routing and Orchestration
  • Introducing Failure Into Your Systems Intentionally With Trouble Maker

Coffee and breakfast items will be available.

Technology Stack Demonstrated

The reference Microservices application is implemented using a single-page application (Angular SPA) UI, Spring Boot (, and Netflix OSS frameworks.

The DevOps SDLC environment will utilize Docker, Maven, Git, and Jenkins. They will be configured to provide a continuous delivery mechanism to a cloud-based infrastructure. Other infrastructure options such as cloud or on-premise cloud environments will also be discussed, in addition to treating failure as a use case.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, architects, leads and developers who are developing software using Java, .NET or JavaScript technology.


About Keyhole Software

Keyhole Software is a Midwest-based software development and consulting firm. Experts in application development and the integration of enterprise-level solutions, Keyhole was founded on the principle of delivering quality through a talented technical team. Kansas City – St. Louis – Lincoln.


Lauren Fournier
Marketing Manager, Keyhole Software
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