Keyhole Learning Services

Instructor-led, live technical education for busy development teams.

Online classes taught in real time. 
No pre-recorded YouTube videos here.

Live Instruction Style

No matter if it is an online or in-person class, you will have a live instructor. No pre-recorded Youtube videos here.

Keyhole Online Courses

Many Keyhole courses are offered remotely via video conferencing. This allows attendees to be located anywhere in the world - as long as they have internet access, they are connected to the live teacher instructing them.

Keyhole On-Site Courses

Keyhole courses are offered in-person for enterprise development teams. For teams of 10+, Keyhole instructors can travel to your location to teach the course content, or your team can travel to our teaching facility in Lenexa, Kansas.

Minimal Time Impact
Daily 1-hour sessions designed to teach one major topic per day to be followed by individual work completed before the next session.
Half-Day Impact
Course is split into a half-day duration to minimize impact on existing work, leaving the second half of the day to perform project duties.
Full-Day Impact

Immerse yourself in the course with full-day instruction.

The key is to provide the ability for ad hoc Q&A - ask your instructor questions in the moment to ensure comprehension.