Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Keyhole Learning Services Course

This course provides a hands-on introduction to the wide world of Microsoft Azure.


To teach students how to take advandtage of Microsoft Azure's core computing, storage, networking and database offerings. 


Software Developers and Software Architects who are currently using or considering Microsoft Azure for their cloud-related needs.

At least one year of programming experience in a professional environment

Online: $350  |  Onsite: $595  |  Priced Per Attendee

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This course provides an introduction to the wide world of Microsoft Azure. Students will see how its core service offerings in the areas of computing, storage, networking and database make it a top cloud computing platform.

In this course, your enterprise team will undergo a series of hands-on lab/lecture sessions conducted online or in person with Keyhole Software Sr. Consultants.

Through the course, attendees work with Azure and its offerings by creating a free account. The hands-on Azure exercises throughout the course will solidify the material students learn and give them the confidence they need to begin using Azure on their own.

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Who Is This Azure Course For?

  • Individuals or enterprise teams looking to understand and leverage Microsoft Azure's offerings
  • Software developers interested in cloud development through Azure
  • Software developers interested in utilizing Azure to enhance their enterprise's infrastructure
  • Anyone trying to compare cloud platforms and wanting a hands-on look into Microsoft Azure's offerings
  • Developers who are seeking the ability to utilize Azure in their professional lives

What Will I Learn?

  • The ins and outs and pros and cons of Azure's IaaS, PaaS, and Saas
  • All about Azure's Core Architecture Services function and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to create and manage Resource Groups
  • How to create Virtual Machines, App Services, and Azure Functions
  • Azure's Database Services and how to create and connect to Azure SQL Database
  • How to create Storage Accounts and how to implement BLOB storage, File storage, and Azure Queue
  • About Azure's Networking Services including connectivity, security, and monitoring
  • How to leverage Microsoft Azure's offerings to attain your business goals

Course Topic Outline

Course Topics

Environment Requirements

  • Azure Account

    This course requires access to an Azure account. You can sign up to create a free account or use an existing account.

  • Web Browser

    A web browser must be installed. We recommend using Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser.

  • Visual Studio Code

    Your machine must be set up to perform development including some type of text editor. This course uses Visual Studio Code which is an open-source, cross-platform editor. However, you can use whatever editor you are comfortable with.

Schedule This Course

This course is offered in various time increments including Seven One-Hour Sessions and One Full-Day Session. You may request an alternate class time or have our instructor travel to your location. To schedule this course on-site or online, please fill out this form: