Introduction To OpenShift

In this hands-on course, students are introduced to features and capabilities of OpenShift.

This is a five module course which can be given in-person or online. Each module is around one hour in duration followed by individual hands-on exercises to strengthen understanding.

Modules will be split up and elongated as necessary, depending on students’ comprehension of the material.

About OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift is a container application platform that brings Docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise. 

The product provides container-based software deployment and management for apps on-premise, in a public cloud, or hosted. OpenShift adds operations-centric tools on top of Kubernetes to enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling, and long-term lifecycle maintenance

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction
  • What is OpenShift?
  • Docker Fundamentals Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Concepts
  • Why Kubernetes?
  • OpenShift Platform
  • Exercise 1: Installing and running a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Exercise 2: Adding a Container to a Project
Module 2: Pod Deployment
  • OpenShift Cluster Management Console
  • Deployments
  • PODS
  • Services, Routes
  • OC Console
  • Exercise 1: Navigating the Web Console
  • Exercise 2: OC Command Tool Walkthrough
Module 3: Building
  • Building Containers
  • Building and Deployment
  • Image Streams
  • Pipelines
  • Exercise 1: Building an Image
  • Exercise 2: Building and Deploying From Console
  • Exercise 3: Adding a Jenkins2 Build Pipeline
  • Exercise 4: Customizing a Jenkins2 Pipeline
Module 4: Scaling
  • Scaling PODS
  • Rolling Updates
  • Using Console
  • POD Controller Services
  • Exercise 1: Scaling
Module 5: Monitoring
Expert Q&A

OpenShift is a leading option in this space, but it is not the only option. We at Keyhole strive to be technology agnostic, choosing the best tool for any given situation. Our experts have used OpenShift and other leading tools, and can provide an excellent sounding board for the pros and cons of varying stacks. Expert Q&A is provided with this course.

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