Angular Bootcamp

Keyhole Learning Services Course

This hands-on course provides an in-depth introduction to features and capabilities of JavaScript framework Angular (2-latest).

Master the features and capabilities of JavaScript framework Angular then implement your own application using best practices
Software Developers, Software Architects
Intermediate JavaScript programming experience
Online: $1,050  |  Onsite: $1,785  |  Priced Per Attendee

Angular Bootcamp

This course is conducted through the process of building a web application from the ground up, beginning with the basic configuration needed to develop and run an Angular CLI-based application, but with no code.

This introductory Angular course is hands-on. It's designed to teach developers the fundamentals of Angular - key concepts, features, components, architecture, and syntax.

But, by the end of the course, students will have taken that step by step knowledge to use to implement their own reference Angular web application with advanced features.

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Who Is This Angular Course For?

  • Individuals or enterprise teams looking to modernize their front end development knowledge
  • Front end developers experienced with basic JavaScript
  • React, Vue.js, or Backbone developers looking to understand what makes Angular different
  • Anyone trying to compare JavaScript approaches for a new application and wants an in-depth understanding of Angular pros and cons
  • Developers reliant on jQuery or other legacy technologies who want to immerse themselves in modern JavaScript

What Will I Learn?

  • Angular features and capabilities
  • Basic components for “bootstrapping” an Angular application
  • Angular architecture building blocks
  • Angular Dependency Injection
  • Angular Routing & Navigation
  • Hands-on creation of an Angular application with advanced features

Course Topic Outline

Course Topics

In this session, we discuss the use of the Http Client to integrate XHR communication in our applications.

Environment Requirements

  • Node.js

    The latest version of Node.js must be installed. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment. 

  • Visual Studio Code

    Your machine must be set up to perform JavaScript development with an IDE that supports TypeScript, and ES6 constructs. This course suggests WebStorm, Sublime, or Visual Studio Code. However, you can use whatever editor you are comfortable with.

  • Angular CLI

    Angular CLI must be installed. It provides developer agility with a command line interface for project creation, creation of Angular components, testing, and distribution building.

  • Git

    The course requires a git client to be installed.

Schedule This Course

This course is offered in various time increments including Thirteen One-Hour Sessions, Six Half-Day Sessions, and Three Full Day Sessions. You may request an alternate class time or have our instructor travel to your location. To schedule this course on-site or online, please fill out this form: