SPA Development With Full Stack JavaScript Using Angular and Node

Course Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend: Developers and architects who are considering applying a single page application (SPA) architecture

Prerequisites: Beginning-to-advanced JavaScript experience

Course Description

This course will introduce and instruct attendees on how to implement an AngularJS single page application through lecture and hands-on exercises.

This will be accomplished by starting off with a fully implemented “full stack” application using Node.js and supporting JavaScript-based server and client side frameworks such as npm, Bower, and Karma.

In addition to developing with Angular, this course will also introduce the benefits of a single page application architecture and how Angular stacks up as compared to other MV* frameworks. The instructor will compare and contrast other JavaScript MV* frameworks for discussion. If you’re not sure which MV* framework meets your needs, this class will be helpful in that determination.

Investment: For 12 attendees; $5,000.00. Call for additional course pricing.

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