Online Keyhole Course

Embracing Microservices In The Enterprise With Java

  • Microservices Bootcamp Objective

    Build a Working Reference Microservices Application With Spring Boot & Netflix OSS.

Course Details

Course Duration: Five two-hour sessions
Course Delivery: On-site or web-based through Google Hangouts
Who Should Attend: Developers and architects who are considering applying a Microservices architecture
Prerequisites: Beginning-to-advanced Java programming experience

Course Overview

In this course, your enterprise team will undergo five structured hands-on Lab/Lecture sessions conducted online or in person with Keyhole Software Sr. Consultants. Total course time is eight hours of instruction.

Through the four online sessions, your team will work hands-on with a reference Microservices implementation as it is coded, analyzed, and modified, including all source code.

Students will gain experience on the Microservices architectural approach, including working with the API Gateway, Service Registry, Circuit Breaker, and messaging patterns. A breakdown of the course topic structure follows.

Course Session Topics Breakdown

Session 1 – Microservices Platform Introduction
  1. Microservices Reference Application Introduction
  2. Services Built as Spring Boot Applications
  3. Eureka Service Registry
  4. API Gateway
  5. Circuit Breaker
  6. Hystrix Circuit Breaker Dashboard
  7. Lab
Session 2 – Anatomy of Microservices
  1. Session 1 Review
  2. Single Service Application Architecture
  3. Implemented as a Spring Boot Java Application
  4. Spring Boot – Main Method Implementation
  5. Spring Boot – Configuration Properties
  6. Registering with Eureka
  7. Eureka Registry
  8. API Endpoint Implementation
  9. Service Implementation
  10. Repository Implementation
  11. Testing
  12. API Metrics
  13. Lab 1
  14. Lab 2
  15. Implement The User Story Model
  16. Implement Repository Data Access Object
  17. Implement the UserStory Service Class
  18. Implement a Mock Service
  19. Implement the API Endpoint Class
  20. Test
Session 3 – Engaging a Microservice
  1. Session 2 Review
  2. Engaging the User Story Microservice
  3. API Gateway
  4. API Reverse Proxy Filter Implementation
  5. Authentication
  6. Token Authorization Service
  7. Current User Pattern
  8. Circuit Breaker Applied
  9. Hystrix Dashboard
  10. API Versioning
  11. Discovering API Versions
  12. Lab
  13. Step Uncomment Code
  14. Hystrix Dashboard in Action
Session 4 – Messaging and Domain-Bounded Contexts
  1. Session 3 Review
  2. Messaging Requirements
  3. Zookeeper/Kafka Messaging Solution
  4. Messaging Broker
  5. Message Durability
  6. Producing a Topic Message
  7. Consuming Messages
  8. Kafka Messaging Helper Implementation
  9. Messaging Use Case: Managing Foreign Keys
  10. Producing the Delete Message
  11. Consuming the Delete Message
  12. Lab
Session 5 – Chaos
  1. Introducing Chaos to the Platform
  2. Trouble Maker
  3. Trouble Client
  4. Lab: Make Trouble With Trouble Maker
  5. Course Summary

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