Spring Boot Fundamentals

  • Course Objective

    To give your development team an in-depth & hands-on look at Spring Boot capabilities.

Course Description

In this hands-on, four-session course, students will be introduced to features and capabilities of Spring Boot.

Course includes a particular focus on hands-on work, requiring students complete incremental exercises and a final practicum tying together important concepts.

Course Duration: 4 sessions, on-site or remote

Prerequisites: Beginning-to-advanced Java or Spring experience

Topics Snapshot

  • Application Architecture
  • Service Layer
  • Repository Layer
  • Controller Layer
  • Maven / Eclipse
  • Dependency Management
  • Models And Data Access
  • Api Controllers
  • Spring Annotations
  • Spring Container
  • O/R Mapping
  • Unit Testing
  • Spring Data
  • Advanced Q&A

Exercise Snapshot

  • Implementing Additional Functionality To A Spring Boot Application
  • Creating A Maven Spring Project
  • Implementing A Spring Boot Application Startup
  • Implementing A Junit Test
  • Implementing A Mock Object Service
  • Implementing And Testing A Jpa Query
  • Implementing A `Get` Api
  • Setting Up Spring Boot And Postman Api Tool
  • Exploring Sts Debugger

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