.NET Microservices SaaS Assessment

Keyhole Software Microservices, Proof-of-Concept

Client: A software-as-a-service provider Development Category: Analysis Services Performed: Architecture Analysis, Technical Strategy The goal of this assessment was to give the client an in-depth, hands-on look at strategies for separating domains; automating build, test and release pipelines; monitor and fix problems in a distributed system; delivering business value from distributed data; and key concepts/technologies that facilitate a highly maintainable, scalable system …


Proof-of-Concept: Insurance Policy Management System SPA

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Client: Global Insurance Group Project Category: Development, Proof-of-concept Services Performed: Requirements Definition, Application Development Led the initiative of a prototype SPA (single-page application) using Backbone.js, Marionette, jQuery, and jQuery UI, and server side RESTful API layer. The server-side layer was implemented user .NET WebAPI, and Entity Framework for data access to SQL Server. A simple layered architecture was applied for server …


New Development: Healthcare Assessment Application

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The Client: A large healthcare system Project Category: Development Services Performed: Application Development, Application Enhancement, Project Management Developed a Backbone.js application that allows end users to take assessments online instead of on paper. The project, which started with no UI, had an MVP deployed to production in less than three months. Reuse was a primary objective for the application, so it was written …

Automated Kitchen

New Development: Internet of Things (IoT) Home Automation Application

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The Client: One of the largest home improvement retailers Project Category: Development Services Performed: Application Development, Application Enhancement A Keyhole team focused on developing a home automation (Internet of Things – IoT) application. The application would allow users to control different actions in their home to their chosen specifications. Examples include changing a temperature on a thermostat, turning kitchen appliances off and on, etc. Developed …

Time Tracking

New Development: Time Tracking Application with HTML5

Keyhole Software Java, JavaScript, Mobile Development, Proof-of-Concept

The Client: Keyhole Software, Internal Project Category: Development Services Performed: Requirements Definition, Application Development, Data Migration, Mobile Development Application This newly-created web application is how Keyhole Software employees keep track of time worked. It is accessible from a desktop, tablet, and any mobile device with a browser. Additionally, we have implemented Android and iOS native applications that interact with the …