Software Enhancement: Animal Welfare & Insurance

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Client: Software / Insurance Company with focus on Animal Welfare Development Category: Application Enhancement Services Performed: Application Assessment & Analysis, Application Development, Documentation A Keyhole team focused on on the company’s web-based flagship product suite used by animal shelters, noted as Application 1 and Application 2. Application 1 tracks incoming and outgoing animals located in an animal shelter. It provides …

Development: Complex Data Rules & Services

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Client: Government Organization Category: Development Services Performed: Application Development The Need Producers and farmers have the ability to participate in several federal programs that provide financial assistance. To remain a participant in these programs, the producer must submit data about their properties once a year. The data includes things like amount of land owned, type of crops, yield, etc. Producers have a couple …


Proof-of-Concept: Insurance Policy Management System SPA

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Client: Global Insurance Group Project Category: Development, Proof-of-concept Services Performed: Requirements Definition, Application Development Led the initiative of a prototype SPA (single-page application) using Backbone.js, Marionette, jQuery, and jQuery UI, and server side RESTful API layer. The server-side layer was implemented user .NET WebAPI, and Entity Framework for data access to SQL Server. A simple layered architecture was applied for server …