Development: jQuery Application Migration to Backbone.js

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Client: Financial services firm Development Category: Application Development, Application Modernization This project initiative was staffed by 15 Keyhole consultants including a project lead. The Keyhole consulting team converted and migrated a jQuery-based financial web application into a Backbone.js-based web application. Also involved in the TIAA-CREF implementation of a website for various states’ 529 savings plans. Keyhole team members collaborated to …

Increased Stability In Transition to Microservices

Keyhole Software Java, Microservices, Modernization

Client: One of the largest nonprofit health care organizations in the United States Development Category: Modernization Services Performed: Technical Strategy, Application Development, Technical Mentoring, Stability Improvement The ultimate goal of this project was to improve the stability of the application suite as the organization made the transition to a Microservices-style platform. Keyhole consultants assisted with the migration from a monolithic application …


Modernization: COBOL Batch Processing to Spring Batch

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Client: A financial institution Development Category: Modernization Services Performed: Requirement Specification, Technical Strategy, Application Development Worked to modernize the organization’s enterprise batch processing applications. This project included converting a long list of COBOL batch processing applications into Java-based batch applications using the Spring Batch framework. The project encompasses a wide range of tasks from calculating and assessing fees, to processing large vendor …

COBOL To Spring Batch: SME Analysis & Modernization

Keyhole Software Application Rewrite, Java, Modernization, Project Recovery, Spring Batch

Client: The largest vision company in the United States, with more than 80 million members Development Category: Analysis, Project Recovery, Enhancement Services Performed: Architecture Analysis, Technical Strategy, Application Development Sr. Keyhole Software Consultants engaged with a national provider of vision insurance to strategically improve the company’s Payment Claim batch processes. The client’s existing batch processes had been in the process of migration and rewrite from …


Modernization: Custom Insurance Application

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Client: An insurance provider Development Category: Development Services Performed: Technical Strategy, Application Development Different Keyhole Software teams have been involved in the creation, enhancement, and maintenance of a complete insurance management system for one of the principal companies in the excess insurance market. This custom solution handles the management of information pertaining, but not limited to: accounts, broker relationships, policies, claims, and documents.  …