Case Study: Dental Solution For Remote Care

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Project Objective The client wanted to rewrite a healthcare solution that allowed users to connect with a dentist remotely at any time. While the application did exist, its features were non-functional and it used outdated technologies. The client requested a Minimum Viable Product with the hope to add additional features once funding was later secured. Client The client is a …

Development: jQuery Application Migration to Backbone.js

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Client: Financial services firm Development Category: Application Development, Application Modernization This project initiative was staffed by 15 Keyhole consultants including a project lead. The Keyhole consulting team converted and migrated a jQuery-based financial web application into a Backbone.js-based web application. Also involved in the TIAA-CREF implementation of a website for various states’ 529 savings plans. Keyhole team members collaborated to …

Development: Backbone.js Assessment Application

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Client: A large healthcare provider Development Category: Development Services Performed: Technical Strategy, Application Development Keyhole Software Consultants developed a Backbone.js application that allows end users to take assessments online instead of on paper. The project, which started with no UI, had a minimum viable product (MVP) deployed to production in less than three months. Unit tests were implemented using Jasmine. Reuse was a …

Design Tool

Modernization: HTML5 Designer Tool

Keyhole Software Application Rewrite, JavaScript, Modernization, New Development

Client: Software Retailer Project Category: Development, Modernization Services Performed: Application Development, User Interface Design A team of Keyhole Consultants has been focused on a rewrite initiative for a client proprietary Designer tool. This tool enables a non-programmer to create a form-based web application by dragging UI elements onto a page of a form. The form contains pages that have UI elements. Each element has …


Modernization: JavaScript Application With “Offline Mode”

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Client: International Industrial Manufacturer Project Category: Modernization, Rewrite Services Performed: Application Development, Integration This retailer has an online program for creating specifications for manufacturing a particular commercial product. Not only do they use it internally, but they also license it to many other clients, each with their own website customizations and part numbers. Further, this application is also used in cases where the Internet is …