Case Study: Cross-Platform Flutter Mobile App

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Guide Diary is a Flutter application that enables documentation of fishing trips. This app records images, trip descriptions, environmental conditions, and any income and expenses associated with the trip, which can be edited afterward. The trip information can be shared on socials or downloaded. Trips can be viewed, sorted, and searched from the main listing page.

As stated, the application is written with Flutter, which allows it to run across multiple platforms from a single codebase with a minimal amount of platform-specific configuration.

New Development: .NET with Docker Containerization

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Client Snapshot: The client is a data-driven company specializing in call-center success. With over 20 years of experience in the IT Ops industry, they offer proven solutions for call-center agent productivity. Project Overview A single Keyhole consultant worked as the sole developer on the project building a .NET application from the ground up. The goal of this project was to …

Automated Testing Application with Angular & C#

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Client Snapshot: A global food service equipment supplier delivering profitable and innovative solutions for the food industry for over 95 years. Project Overview A Keyhole consultant was brought in to work directly with the client’s full-stack development team with the goal of alleviating significant performance issues within their Angular application. In addition to these performance improvements, the consultant was tasked …

New Development with React & .NET Core: Power Outage Management Application

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Client Snapshot: The client is a Fortune 500, publically traded energy company. It covers over 28,000 square miles in eastern Kansas and western Missouri and provides electricity to over 1.6 million homes and businesses. Project Overview After assisting the company in the completion of Phase 1 of this project, a team of Keyhole consultants was brought in again to complete …