Development: .NET Web API Cost Analysis App with Angular

Keyhole Software .NET, Angular, JavaScript, New Development

Keyhole Consultants worked with a team of client business managers and developers to develop an internal client application that focused on bi-reporting, cost analysis, and price forecasting for connecting wind, solar, and fossil fuel projects to the United States power grid.

The goal of the project was to take data that was strewn around the company and create one system of record that the company could use to forecast if current and future projects were going to be profitable. This custom application synchronized 150 employees across five different departments.

Development: Retailer Product Ratings, Loyalty Program, and Personalized User Experiences

Keyhole Software .NET, Angular, Application Enhancement, JavaScript, New Development

Sr. Consultants helped create the ratings and reviews section on the retailer’s product display pages. Application used JavaScript to communicate with a Gigya (a third-party profile company) API to save and display ratings and reviews. Lodash templating was used for creation of the views and the entire application was included in a RequireJS build of the global scripts.

New Development & Education: Angular and Node.js Based Application

Keyhole Software Angular, Education, JavaScript, New Development

The Keyhole team helped create the base Node.js/Angular.js application which all other subsequent projects were to be based upon.

In addition to development, Keyhole consultants helped the employee development team learn to use Node/Express and Angular. Implemented a learning structure for development teams that included by having them create a handful of specific applications which focused on best practice fundamentals.