Release: Byzantine API Gateway Tool

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The Keyhole Labs team is proud to announce the release of the Byzantine API Gateway, a new addition to our Byzantine Tools initiative.  The Byzantine API Gateway provides client access to a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network through RESTful APIs. This addition joins a series of blockchain open source projects to enhance and accompany Hyperledger blockchain networks.

Keyhole Labs is a group within Keyhole dedicated to creating open source solutions that help software developers in their craft. Byzantine Tools is an extension of our Keyhole Labs open source initiatives with a more specific focus on blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrencies brought blockchain to the forefront of technology headlines, the technology underneath has true potential value for the enterprise outside of the cryptocurrency space. The features provided by blockchain technology can lead to business benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, and lower risk through decentralization and immutability.


This tool is used to provide access to Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) blockchain networks and its data via an API gateway implementation.

APIs are defined that can query channel configuration information and execute chaincode. The gateway is implemented with Node.js and uses the Express framework to provide RESTful HTTP-based endpoints that access HLF network peers.


The gateway provides RESTful HTTP-based endpoints that access HLF network peers using the FABRIC-NODE-SDK. It is implemented with Node.js and uses the Express framework.


Two types of API authentication validation schemes that can be applied, token-based or a session-based validation scheme. Example implementations are provided for both.


  • Useful for executing Chaincode and Smart Contracts.
  • Useful for querying the blockchain by client applications.
  • Authentication logic and validation can be performed here.
  • Implements a web socket to listen for new blocks being added to the blockchain.

Access the API Gateway Tool

Interested in how it works? You can access it for free at this GitHub repository. The link includes cloning, installation, and startup instructions. Alternatively, view its product page at

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