Application Development

Application development is our company “sweet spot.” We are passionate about developing applications for our clients.

Our team of development experts is 100% focused on the client experience to deliver the best technology solutions possible – quickly, securely, maintainably, and cleanly (clean code, of course).

Through our partnerships with leading software vendors and extensive experience with various clients and industries, we maintain a broad range of business application competencies. We enjoy new technologies and always keep our expertise evolving to determine if new technologies are viable for our clients’ needs.

Application development services include:

  • Advisory & consulting services
  • Custom application development with Java, C#/.NET, PHP and others
  • Single-page application and web development with JavaScript, AngularJS, Backbone.js, ExtJS, and other MV* frameworks
  • Custom software extensions and enhancements for existing applications
  • Research of business requirements to determine the best technology approach for new applications
  • Proof-of-concept application development to ensure technology viability for your uses
  • Relational database-driven applications (MySql, Oracle, and DB2)
  • Application and database performance tuning
  • Application support & maintenance

Keyhole Software uses Java, JavaScript, and .NET development technologies, open source and proprietary technologies, and homegrown frameworks to rapidly develop and deploy secure web applications.

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